My 5 Faves at DTLA's Grand Central Market

There is so much to to see, taste and eat at Downtown LA's Grand Central Market.

For almost 100 years, the historic Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles has always reflected the changing population and culture of downtown.  For the past years, the Angelenos have seen how Downtown LA has been evolving, with so many new and hip restaurants, museums and condominiums. And with all these changes around the area, the Market has continued to evolve with it. It has never closed its doors since it opened in 1917.

Today you will find a lot of diversed and vibrant crowd in Los Angeles, and diversity is what we all love to embrace in LA.

One weekend, I got a chance to explore the Grand Central Market again to get lunch --- that lunch turned out to be a food tour!

The Oyster Gourmet

My love of oysters just gets deeper and deeper and I was excited to know that there is this raw bar at the Grand Central Market.  I've had one of the best from this place and it didn't disappoint.  The Oyster Gourmet has a great selection of oysters, clams, shrimp and some raw fish to be enjoyed with your favorite wine or beer.


Some say it's a hype --- but it's been a hype for like forever.  All foodies line up her for up to 30 mins, maybe more to place an order.

Villa Moreliana

I cannot have a food tour without Mexican food.  I had the Carnitas (Pork), Lengua (Beef Tongue) and Orejas (Ears). Everything was so rich, tasty and very tender.  Thanks to their old school and authentic way of cooking, as they say exactly how they make it in Michoacan, Mexico.  Also, you can just walk by and get a free taco sample!

La Tostaderia

If I were to open a restaurant, I'd love it to be like La Tostaderia. Simple, no fuss menu with amazing seafood tacos and ceviche.  We had the Shrimp and Fish Ceviche and the Octopus Tacos. It was the first time I ever tried octopus taco and they were tender and perfectly charred.  Their mix of yuzu sauce and ginger aioli are perfect compliment to the octopus and fresh daikon, cucumber, bean sprouts, thai basil and sesame seeds.  I can't explain it, but just writing all these ingredients makes me salivate.

McConnell's Fine Ice Cream

I first got to try McConnell's Fine Ice Cream in a weekend trip to Santa Barbara and was glad that they opened one here at the Market!  My favorite is the Chocolate Covered Strawberry but there's just too much selection that any flavor you'll try will surely be a hit.  You can also get it on a Float, Sandwich or Sundae.



As expected, you will have to pay for premium parking around the area, but if you have any secret parking in downtown, please do share below! Anyway, the location of the Market is very central as it is very accessible via the Red or Purple Metro Lines at Pershing Square stop.  it will be great to carry cash to buy produce and candies, but many new stalls and vendors accept credit cards.

Miguez Tabora