48-Hour Weekend in Monterey County

ON THE WAY TO MONTEREY, WE Got lost on Twisselman Road in Lost Hills, CA where we SPOTTED AND STOPPED FOR this beautiful, blooming Pistachio Orchard.

friendly and healthy cows saying hi as we passed by. 

random stop at Mission San Miguel Arcángel along hwy 101

made it first time to monterey bay aquarium and met some really sweet penguins.

as we leave monterey,  ca we enjoyed the morning breeze at carmel river cove along hwy 1

what's not to miss is bixby bridge built in 1932

this is one of the shortest and easiest hike with one of the best rewards - julia pfeiffer burns state park

that short hike will lead you to a dreamy view of mcway falls

So beautiful and relaxing there... Time to plan another getaway.  ;)