Happy August!

And hope you are enjoying your summer! We have been busy around here at LitheCo --- sourcing goods, curating a beautiful shop, building & testing our e-commerce site, finding the best shipping options, designing all pretty packaging plus all other crazy stuff behind the scenes -- making sure we offer the best customer service and value to all of you!

And now WE ARE OPEN!

Thank you for joining us during our transition and sticking with us along the way. If you aren't already, please follow @lithecollective on Instagram for daily inspiration & shop updates. We also love knowing more about you, so tag your favorites #lithecostyle and we'll give you guys a friendly shoutout!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer & keep checking back as we keep adding more gifts and goods to the shop.

If you love what you're seeing, feel free to share us to your friends and family.  We love a big happy community in LitheCo!