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FEATURE: Kate & Isabel of Of Note Stationers

I discovered Of Note Stationers a few months back, where else, but through Instagram! You guys should check out their IG account because they have this easy, clean and inspiring feed that makes you want to send a snail mail out --- just because.  And when I found out that we were going to be neighbors at last month's Unique LA Spring Show, I got even more excited because I would get the chance to see these witty cards in person, and yes I did. I love the inspiring messages they put together --- so simple, and yet gives true and sincere meaning to both giver and receiver.

At Unique LA, I got the chance to personally meet Kate, Of Note's Co-founder and Director of Communications, Sales and Marketing and later got to e-meet Isabel, Of Note's Co-founder, Creative Director and Designer.  I am so honored that they gave a bit of their time to share their story today for your inspiration and mine.

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