FEATURE: Sharon Baluku of Baluku Design

What an amazing inpiration I have to share with you today!

Like most of us, I find lots of inspiration on Instagram! One of the latest discoveries I found was that of Sharon from Baluku Design. I was so happy to know that her designs are not only very beautiful, but by doing all these beautiful work, she is also able to give back - specifically by creating opportunities for girls and women from her roots in Uganda.  10% of each sale on her shop is donated to education programs in Uganda.  This is a big help for these amazing girls to have full and equal access to education. 

That's just the intro, you guys!  Read more of her story and be inspired....

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FEATURE: Sydney Cruise of Modern Luxe Creative

Sydney is one of the many creatives I've virtually met online through the inpirational business group in Facebook, Savvy Business Owners.  I am so happy to geta a fresh featured artist on the blog, who I admire for her modern and refreshing style in typography, branding and web design.

Please read on and be inspired.

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First Signs of Fall

Hello, everyone! I'm back from summer fever.

During that past two months that I was away - I had to focus my energy and worked all day and all night for my first ever trade show! It was so exciting and nerve racking and I wll talk about more details on a separate post. The latter part of my summer was spent on meditation, relaxation and just simply enjoying everything I have without having to go away from home.

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FEATURE: Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies Blog

I am so delighted to feature on SM Blog's Featured Creative Series, one of the most amazing DIYers that I follow in the entire blogosphere!  Rubyellen Bratcher and her blog, Cakies have been featured numerous times in various magazines and blogs and I am so grateful that she's sharing her story with us today!

Continue reading and be inspired!

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FEATURE: Jella Roson of Honey My Heart

I first met Jella at Unique LA Market a few years back and that's when I also discovered her amazing, dainty jewelry line! I'm always drawn to minimalist, gold jewelry ... and in her shop you will find just that and more!

Today, I am excited to share with you Jella's story.  Read the interview and be inspired.

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FEATURE: Julie Wylie of whimsyandwild

I am so excited to share with you the very first creative who gave us her time to be part of BLOG WITH LOVE's First Ever Featured Creative Series. 

With all the emerging artists out there, I was amazed by Julie's artwork with her witty and tasteful take on hand lettering and illustration. She started her Etsy shop not too long ago, but she has already captured the hearts of many customers who keep coming back longing for her whimsical style.

It's such an honor to introduce to you all, Julie Wylie of WhimsyAndWild. Read on and be inspired ...

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My 5 Inspirational Mantras

Everyone needs a kick of inspiration every single day. Today, I am sharing with you my favorite inspirational and motivational quotes. All of these either keep me going at those days of creative momentum or give me that tap on the shoulder when I feel like giving up. 

Read on and be inspired...

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