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My 5 Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Like most of us, I always like to make my Instagram photos look fresh and pretty! Almost always, it is just my iPhone with me to take all these photos and with a help of these photo editing apps, they make my photos better!

So to everyone who has asked me before, today I am sharing my five Favorite Photo Editing Apps for IOS.  Some may also be available on the Google App Store, but these are mainly IOS Apps I am sharing.

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My 5 Favorite Online Business Tools

Managing your own business can be overwhelming.  I used to have those days when I couldn't even tell where to begin.  I would have post-its, printouts, and notebooks here and there that included my TO-DO Lists.  And yes it was hard to manage in various places.  Over the last year, I've put together a system for myself and my business so I know exactly what I need to do and actually see accomplishments.

My system includes 5 of my favorite online business tools that I can no longer live without. Sharing all those with you today! 

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My 5 Inspirational Mantras

Everyone needs a kick of inspiration every single day. Today, I am sharing with you my favorite inspirational and motivational quotes. All of these either keep me going at those days of creative momentum or give me that tap on the shoulder when I feel like giving up. 

Read on and be inspired...

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