FEATURE: Jella Roson of Honey My Heart

I first met Jella at Unique LA Market a few years back and that's when I also discovered her amazing, dainty jewelry line! I'm always drawn to minimalist, gold jewelry ... and in her shop you will find just that and more!

Today, I am excited to share with you Jella's story.  Read the interview and be inspired.

Can you give a little background about yourself? 
I grew up in Glendale, CA with a love for DIY, local music, and design. Then spent a beautiful 11 years in Santa Barbara for college, beach days, work, and love. In 2012 I headed back to LA to pursue jewelry full time and start family. Constants in my life include family, community, creativity, and love. 

Can you give our readers an overview of your Company / Brand and tell us how it started?
honey my heart began as a creative venture to share love. I wanted to make simple yet beautiful pieces to wear everyday, and really wanted to challenge myself and work in a creative field so I took a chance and made jewelry that I wanted to wear. 

Designs began with simple charms and gold filled chains. I was interested in metalsmithing and a friend and fellow jeweler taught me some basics. From there, I put my individual touch to each piece-- hand forming each heart and forging each gold filled and sterling silver ring and bangle. honey my heart jewelry makes a statement of everyday luxury through its simple and lovely, delicate and strong pieces. All of it is inspired by the people we meet and the relationships we foster. 

The goal of the SM Blog's Featured Creative Series is to spread inspiration to everyone with the same passion and craft, where do you get your inspiration from?
Sunny days, ocean breezes, steady movement, progression, and love inspire me. Those inspirations are all personal and one of a kind experiences each time they are felt, and I wanted to capture that in my jewelry.

Do you have favorite tools that you use on a daily basis that you cannot live without?
My favorite tools include a rubber mallet, bench block, round pliers, caliper, and a good pen and paper.

Can you give us a peek of your average workday?
My mornings consist of light emails and a nice neighborhood walk or some time at the park with my daughter. We do something creative (watercolor calligraphy, coloring books, letter writing) to get my brain flowing with different ideas and inspirations, this allows me to be refreshing when tackling jewelry making and order fulfillment. Snack breaks, dancing, and catching up with fellow maker friends fill the afternoon, and my nights are a mix of material research, designing/experimenting with new pieces, more emails, and browsing fashion on instagram and pinterest for inspiration.

Do you have new projects or products you are working on right now that you’d like to share to our readers?
I do! I'm working on light weight earrings, adding bezel set gemstones to rings and earring studs in unexpected ways, and sweeping gold lines. There's also some watercolor calligraphy that could be in the mix!

Blog With Love’s Mantra is "Do What You Love, Love What You Do", what is your personal mantra?
"If you want it, you can have it. But you've got to learn to reach out there and grab it." -Weezer

If you were going to give one final advice to our readers, what would it be?
There is goodness and love in life. Find it and cherish it!

Follow Jella and her amazing jewelry line on Twitter and Instagram @honeymyheart and shop her website at www.honeymyheart.com

honey my heart is also featured among over 300 artists, including Shop Miguez, at this year's Unique LA Spring Market on April 30 and May 1. Hope to see you all there!

Leave a comment below with the name of an artist you know who is as inspiring and talented as Jella! I'd love to discover more creatives like her to feature in this series.