With love

Hello friends!

And welcome to my first ever blog post. I wasn't much of a writer back in school so this is a great challenge that I am putting myself into now at 37. Who doesn't love challenge, right?

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Miguez Tabora and I currently live in Pasadena CA. I am the creator and maker of hand stamped brass jewelry and accessories available at shopmiguez.com. I remember exploring my craft as a little 10-year old girl sewing scrunchies out of scrap fabric and enjoying summer workshops at my grandma's jewelry store.  There, I would repair jewelry and would make my own bracelets and necklaces out of scrap chains and metal.

Fast forward to later in life, I dedicated my college years for an Engineering degree, then eventually ventured in Accounting as a profession while continuing to pursue my love for art through sewing, photography & jewelry making.  I later focused my craft in metal hand stamping & have now specialized in the field.

My everyday mantra - "Do what you love" and through this blog, I will share with all of you all the things that I love including my random thoughts, dreams and inspirations. I will give you background stories and advice from other artists, creatives and entrepreneurs who I look up to and admire.  I will give you my dose of love for decor, travel, photography, food and maybe talk a little bit about my new found love for running.

So come join me through this journey.

My head is already exploding with so much ideas that I can't wait to share them with all of you. I promise to share each blog post with love, for your inspiration and mine. Until next time.